PS4 exclusive Concrete Genie is a unique exploration of bullying’s impact

July 30, 2019
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Denska – a dilapidated and abandoned fishing town devastated by an environmental disaster. It’s here you start your journey in Concrete Genie. You play as Ash, a young artist exploring the now dangerous area he once grew up in, lighting it up with his art while avoiding the bullies that lurk around the corner.

In case you missed it, Concrete Genie was announced at Sony’s conference at Paris Games Week in 2017, and is being developed by PixelOpus, the studio behind Entwined. It’s an ambitious indie game that, from my perspective, is shaping up to be another PS4 exclusive single-player gem, and it explores a theme I don’t think I’ve seen touched on in such a creative way in a game – bullying.

After going hands on with a demo of Concrete Genie, I got a chance to have a chat with creative director Dominic Robillard and art director Jeff Sallangi who told me what inspired them to make the game.

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