Best PSVR games: The 15 best PS4 VR games you really have to play

August 7, 2019
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Editors Note: Eurogamer is continuing to relaunch its series of ‘best games’ features, and today we’re refreshing an existing list – the best PSVR games that Ian wrote for us last year, with various new additions since March 2018. You’ll continue to see more platform lists appearing on the home page in the coming weeks – we’ve covered the best Xbox One games, best PS4 games and best Switch games so far – with the aim to update them several times a year as new releases supplant a given system’s existing library.

PSVR is an ideal entry-point to one of the most exciting things going on in games at the moment. It’s relatively cheap compared to the alternatives, and while it can be a nightmare to wire up for the first few times, it tends to work well with small play-spaces.

More importantly, it’s backed by a platform holder that has made some wonderful games, whether it’s the disarmingly charming Cockney gunplay of Blood and Tears or the glorious platforming gauntlets of Astro Bot Rescue Mission.

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