King’s Bounty 2 blending classic turn-based tactics and third-person fantasy next year

August 15, 2019
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Classic tactical fantasy RPG King’s Bounty is back next year in the form of King’s Bounty 2, but it’s shaking things up for the modern era by introducing third-person, open-world questing.

The original King’s Bounty was designed by Jon Van Caneghem (who would later go on to create the Heroes of Might and Magic series) and released back in 1990 on Amiga, C64, and PC. Publisher 1C Entertainment picked up the rights to King’s Bounty in 2007, and has been intermittently releasing new instalments in the years since.

King’s Bounty 2, however, is the first numbered sequel in the series, with 1C promising that it will deliver a “fresh take” on the original’s turn-based tactical action, blending “beloved genre tropes with a gritty realism”.

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