Anthem for £15, Devil May 5 for £21 and other console game bargains

August 16, 2019
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The weekend’s here, and what better way to spend the next couple days getting than stuck into new a game? If you somehow don’t have a massive backlog to get through, hopefully one of the below bargains piques your interest.

Let’s start off with BioWare’s long-suffering co-op shooter, Anthem. After a tumultuous development period and disappointing release, the developer of greats such as Baldur’s Gate, Dragon Age and Mass Effect has continued its attempt to bring the game up to standard.

The launch of a new Cataclysm event is supposed to be the game’s big shot in the arm, though early signs suggest it hasn’t been worth the wait. Nevertheless, if you’ve been intrigued to give Anthem a try, it’s now dropped to just £15 on console. Annoyingly, stock seems to be fluctuating with the PS4 version, so the next cheapest is £18.95 from The Game Collection.

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