Far: Lone Sails Review

August 16, 2019
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Far: Lone Sails came out on PC on May 17, 2018 and PS4 and Xbox One on April 2, 2019. We are using its release on Nintendo Switch on August 18, 2019 as an opportunity to review it on all four platforms since we hadn’t previously.

Some folk say you can’t truly appreciate the highs of life if you haven’t felt the lows. Whether you believe that or not, it’s a lesson Far: Lone Sails takes to heart. It’s full of tense, nerve-wracking scenarios as you struggle to keep your fuel-guzzling/wind-powered hybrid vehicle running smoothly across a long-dead world. But buried between those hardships are beautiful moments of peace that shine brighter for it – the calm times where fair winds let me unfurl my sail and simply glide along to Far: Lone Sails’ incredible soundtrack were some of the most magical I’ve had in a game.

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