Five of the Best: Hands

August 16, 2019
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Five of the Best is a series. Every Friday lunchtime, UK time, when you’ve mentally clocked out for the week (but want to look like you’re still working), we’re going to celebrate a different incidental detail from the world of games. How lovely. Last week, we talked about potions. They’re the kind of things you don’t appreciate at the time but get all excited about when someone brings them up later – like, well, now.

Hands! We love them. We paint them, we put metal rings on them, we wave them. And, oh my, those opposable thumbs, aren’t we special. You wouldn’t see a cow drinking a cup of tea would you? Hoofy hooligans.

I see my hands now, flopped on the keyboard, awaiting orders, just like a set of hands in a game. Weird to think of it like that, but think how many hands we’ve seen in games. So many! Hands thrusting into gauntlets and flexing before our eyes, hands holding guns, hands swinging swords, hands casting spells.

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