Respawn admits “we broke our promise” with Apex Legends’ current loot box-riddled event

August 17, 2019
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Respawn has responded to the furore around Apex Legends’ controversial Iron Crown Collection event, admitting it broke its promise about how loot boxes would work in the game, and announced plans to sell coveted cosmetics directly.

This week Respawn’s otherwise brilliant battle royale hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons with the arrival of the hotly-anticipated Iron Crown event.

But anticipation quickly turned into disappointment when it emerged the event was riddled with loot boxes. Most of the Iron Crown Collection cosmetics were locked behind expensive loot boxes and, worst of all, Bloodhound’s heirloom set, which contains an axe, a kill quip and a banner pose, could only be unlocked after opening around £130’s worth of packs – and then paying another £28 on top of that. (Be sure to check out Emma’s excellent breakdown of the true horror of the situation here.)

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