Minecraft Dungeons doesn’t need to be a Minecraft game, but it’s better for it

August 20, 2019
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There’s no particular reason Minecraft Dungeons needs to be a Minecraft game. Its dungeon-crawling gameplay could fit any fantasy setting, its enemies could be baddies from any monster hack-and-slash. There’s no mining or crafting. And yet the Minecraft theme makes a lot of sense: it’s a friendly aesthetic for a different genre, its enemies are instantly recognisable, and while you won’t spend your time knocking down any walls, there’s plenty of character building to get to grips with.

Due to launch in summer 2020 for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, Minecraft Dungeons is a friendly RPG dungeon-crawler. Either alone or with a party of friends, you traverse its procedurally-generated hallways and caverns swiping down monsters and picking up loot. The better loot you acquire, the faster the enemies fall, the bigger the enemies get, the better the loot they drop.

As someone who spends their time playing Minecraft with it set to Survival mode, Dungeons directly plays into the risk and reward of venturing down into one of the main game’s caverns, unsure exactly how things are going to pan out. But it’s also a more structured experience – there is a firm beginning and end to each level, with bosses and mini-bosses, keys to find and traps to skirt.

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