Erica review – a captivating FMV thriller

August 29, 2019
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Erica is a full-motion video game for PlayStation 4, a surprise drop at Gamescom last week that’s got an uphill battle to get people to care. But you should, because it’s good.

At around 90 minutes in length it’s slight, and it’s very much in the vein of a game like Until Dawn – the kind of experience best played through with other people in the room. Indeed, that feels like part of the design, with decision points flashing up and you (and the people with you) deciding what to do, and which path to take.

It’s less of a traditional game than Until Dawn. There aren’t any time-pressured, button-matching sequences, nor any reflex challenges really. You only ever slide a finger, sometimes two, along the controller’s touchpad, so it’s a very gentle kind of interaction anyone can cope with, whether they’ve picked up a PS4 pad before or not. In fact, the suggested way to play the game is through a companion smartphone app.

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