Notoriously impenetrable platform adventures La-Mulana 1 and 2 coming to consoles

September 3, 2019
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Acclaimed, if notoriously obtuse, Indiana-Jones-esque exploratory platformer La-Mulana and its sequel are being bundled up for a release on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch next year.

La-Mulana began life as a homage to classic MSX-era games, with the original 2005 version only ever officially being released in Japan. However, developer Nigoro eventually rebuild the game from the ground up in 2011, giving it a 16-bit-inspired visual makeover – and it’s this better-known version that’ll be getting the console treatment, alongside Nigoro’s 2018 sequel.

The original La-Mulana casts players as Lemeza Kosugi, a professor of archaeology and occasional whip-wielding adventurer, as he attempts to uncover the secrets of the mysterious ruins of La-Mulana. What follows is an almost entirely open-ended mix of exploration, platforming, puzzle-solving, and boss battling, with players free to approach the game’s trap-filled areas and challenges in pretty much any way they choose.

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