Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Review

September 4, 2019
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Minor equipment spoiler warning! This review doesn’t mention any monsters that haven’t already been announced and doesn’t contain story spoilers, but the video does show off some new weapons and armor from the early-to-mid points of Iceborne’s campaign. Keep that in mind if you’d prefer to go in blind!

The line between an expansion and a full-blown sequel is one Monster Hunter World: Iceborne comes close to blurring into oblivion. While this is not an entirely new game in feel or structure when compared to Monster Hunter: World, it adds a new story nearly as large as the base game’s with almost as many new monsters to kill, carve, and wear like a celebratory tuxedo. Couple that with innumerable quality-of-life improvements (plus a few exciting surprises along the way) and Iceborne manages to hit the high bar set by Monster Hunter: World no matter what you call it.

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