Capcom’s “team-based” Resident Evil spin-off Project Resistance gets first teaser trailer

September 9, 2019
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Exactly as previously promised, Capcom has offered the first look at its mysterious new Resident Evil game, Project Resistance.

The first reveal comes by way of a new cinematic teaser, showcasing a team of likely sorts roaming through a mysterious research facility – only to be ambushed by some familiar looking creatures from the Resident Evil universe before a final cliffhanger confrontation with a hulking, and tastefully be-hatted, Tyrant.

While the trailer itself doesn’t offer much in the way of specifics, Capcom’s accompanying announcement tweet did confirm that Project Resistance will be a “brand-new team-based survival horror experience”, tying in nicely with previous speculation that it would be some sort of modern-day revival of Capcom’s co-op survival horror spin-off Resident Evil Outbreak.

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