Devil May Cry 5, Man of Medan, Wolfenstein Youngblood and more for under £20

September 10, 2019
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How many times have you seen a game that you know you want to play, but are just waiting for it to hit that magical £20 mark? It’s here where an impulse buy is hard to avoid. Well, here’s your chance.

I’ve rounded up a few recent console releases that have hit or fallen below that £20 sweet spot. I can imagine that many of these are games you’ve had on your radar but may not have pulled the trigger on just yet. Perhaps now you’ll be tempted?

Let’s start off with the very newly released Man of Medan. Supermassive’s follow-up to the silly yet surprisingly gripping Until Dawn is supposed to be retailing for around £25, but many places have already dropped it under £20. You can find the best price over at 365 Games, where you can use the discount code ‘X8F6’ to slash the price of the choose-your-own-adventure horror to a frightfully low £18.89.

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