Five of the Best: Maps

September 13, 2019
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Welcome to another week of Five of the Best, a series celebrating the lovely incidental details in games we tend to overlook. So far we’ve celebrated hands, potions, dinosaurs, shops and health-pick-ups – an eclectic and specific bunch! The sprinkles of charm games are tastier for. Here’s another five for your Friday lunchtime. Today…

Maps! Lovely old maps where be dragons. The spellbinding tease before a story. Maps promising ornate cities, bushy forests and bumpy mountains. Maps with dark caves, smouldering volcanoes and strange beasties. Maps of great adventure and excitement yet to be had.

The first map I really remember was The Hobbit. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you. That simple map drawn by a dwarf. That simple map followed by dwarves and hobbit and wizard, there and back again. It’s not the fanciest map – it’s not as detailed and sprawling as The Lord of the Rings’ map – but it had all the mystery and intrigue it needed to glue my eyes to it, to wonder when – if – we’d ever get to the end, to Smaug.

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