Blood & Truth Gets Skeet Challenges, Hard Mode Today

September 17, 2019
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A new update for is available for download starting today, with five fresh challenges that are compatible with the PS VR Aim Controller, and a new Hard Mode to dial up the action. Things are about to get a lot tougher!

Skeet Challenges

Time to take your skills to the next level with a new set of challenges where clay targets are flung in the air. It’s all about a steady hand and good aim so lock, load and get ready.

1. Authentic Skeet

In our Authentic Skeet experience, you move between eight stations shooting at high and low clays launched as singles or doubles. 25 is a perfect score but we’ll be timing you to sort the hotshots from the wannabes.

2. Extreme Skeet

Move between eight stations on London’s rooftops, shooting high and low clay launches as singles and doubles. Look out for additional targets between stations for extra points.

3. Endurance Skeet

Here, clays are launched from high towers. Lose a life for every clay you miss. You have three lives but can earn a lost life back with three consecutive hits. Hit as many clays as you can before you run out of lives.

4. Puzzle Skeet

Hit three targets to release a colored clay. Lights switch on with each hit target tell you which color clay you need to shoot next. Hit the Clay to move on to the next set of targets, miss and you need to hit the three targets again to relaunch the clay.

5. Action Skeet

This is our training challenge, which includes static and launched targets. You can polish your skills in here.

One more thing: we’ve hidden a gnome in every challenge. Can you spot them? Destroying all gnomes located across the Skeet Shooting Challenges unlocks the new GNOMAGEDDON Trophy.

Hard Mode

Blood & Truth makes you feel like you are in an action movie, but our new Hard Mode is really going to throw you into the heart of the missions!

You can now play individual missions in Hard Mode or the entire story using the New Game+ feature, which is unlocked upon completing the story in Cinematic or Normal difficulty.

Complete the whole story in Hard Mode and you’ll unlock a new Trophy!

Top survival tips

Stay on the Move!

  • Enemies are a lot more accurate, especially from a distance, so you have less time to peak out from cover to make your shots before you start taking damage – especially when facing multiple enemies.
  • Try to get in multiple shots before your enemies can react.
  • Don’t forget to shoot enemies on your way into cover.
  • Prioritize taking out enemies you don’t have cover from.
  • Remember, enemies are less accurate against moving targets…

Watch that health

Not only are enemies more accurate, but you have less health to start with and your recovery is slower. If your accuracy is good – you’ll be fine, but miss shots and you will need to take cover. When your health is low, make sure you stay in cover and wait for it to regenerate before moving on.

Careful with Precision Mode

Precision Mode gives you a massive advantage against enemies, but in the new Hard Mode you have less time to use it. Shooting your first enemy gives you a slight extension but you have to wait longer to use it again.

  • If you manually cancel Precision Mode before it runs out your cool-down is shorter.
  • Precision mode plus movement means enemies are less accurate and you are faster than them.
  • Explode-able items come with some free slow-mo so make it count!

Make your shots count

With more accurate enemies and lower health you really need to get maximum bang for your buck.

  • Equip silencers to take out enemies without alerting their mates.
  • Use your second hand to support the gun to dampen recoil.
  • Unlock and equip your guns with sights and laser lines for big accuracy boosts.

We have added online leaderboards* for every mission in Hard Mode so you can see how you measure up to other Blood & Truth players from all over the world. Our best players from the development team have managed a point score of 7,186 on the Action Skeet Challenge. Can you beat it? Let us know on Twitter! Tag @LondonStudioHQ and #BandTHighScore with your best score.

*Internet connection required to access online leaderboards.

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