Code Vein Review

September 26, 2019
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If you’ve seen a trailer or any preview footage for Code Vein, the elevator pitch is clear: It’s an “anime Soulslike” – an action-RPG that promises the steep challenge and cautious combat that we’ve all become very acquainted with in recent years. Code Vein doesn’t simply layer generic anime style and storytelling on top of a Souls clone and call it a day, though: its unique post-apocalyptic sci-fi-meets-anime horror atmosphere stands out, and its flexible class system and an AI partner distinguish it from its peers mechanically. Some of those ideas make things more frustrating than they need to be at times, but in this kind of game, a healthy dose of frustration comes with the territory. Code Vein deserves some credit for experimenting with this firmly established formula in ways others often don’t.

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