Call of Duty: Modern Warfare dev asks angry fans to “remember there’s a team of human beings at Infinity Ward”

September 27, 2019
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It’s been a rocky week for the team behind Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. After taking a hammering from fans over the timed PS4 exclusivity deal for Survival mode, talk of weapons being added to supply drops (loot boxes) began to spread online after a leaker claimed the drops would no longer be cosmetic-only, and it didn’t take long for hundreds of complaints to appear on Twitter and the Modern Warfare subreddit.

Unfortunately (although unsurprisingly) it seems many of these complaints went too far. In a Reddit post, studio art director Joel Emslie appealed for fans to use calmer language on the subreddit.

“Take a second and think about who on the production side comes to this sub and reads through the comments,” the post begins.

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