If you don’t want to sleep tonight, here’s what happened to P.T.’s Lisa

September 29, 2019
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Just a few weeks back, Imogen reported Lance McDonald – the modder behind a number of cool hacks in Bloodborne and Dark Souls – had uncovered the horrifying realisation P.T.’s terrifying antagonist, Lisa, is, quite literally, attached to you as you roam that looping hallway.

Well, McDonald’s back and this time, he reckons his camera hackery can put an end to speculation about Lisa’s gruesome death once and for all:

In his latest video (thanks, Digital Trends), McDonald explains that several features of the playable teaser – such as the torn photo frame on the wall that falls to the floor, or the time when you first encounter Lisa, turning the corner – are controlled by fairly “rudimentary” on/off statuses. Manipulating the demo, he’s able to toggle these assets on and off, permitting us to see a range of things that had hitherto been invisible or quickly concealed.

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