Bungie says plans are in place to become a multi-franchise studio by 2025

September 30, 2019
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On the eve of Destiny 2’s re-launch as a partly free-to-play game, Bungie has re-confirmed its intentions to become a multi-franchise studio, with plans now in place for the release of at least one non-Destiny title by 2025.

Bungie first revealed it was working on new experiences outside of Destiny last year, when Chinese publisher NetEase announced it had invested over $100 million USD in the studio. At the time, Bungie said the investment would help it “explore new directions”, while NetEase confirmed the studio would “begin the creation of new worlds” as part of the deal.

Although there’s been scant news of Bungie’s future non-Destiny endeavours since then, the studio has now opened up a little about its ambitions as an independent developer, following its split with Activision earlier this year.

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