Bungie pulls Destiny 2 offline following relaunch day server woes

October 1, 2019
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Today’s a big day for Destiny 2; not only is new paid expansion Shadowkeep out in the wild, the game (now divorced from publisher Activision) is being relaunched as a partly free-to-play title on consoles and Steam. Unfortunately, ongoing server issues have now forced developer Bungie to take both Destiny 2 and its predecessor offline for emergency maintenance.

When Destiny 2 came back online around 6pm today, following scheduled maintenance, many players found themselves unable to play, with Bungie implementing a temporary queuing system, presumably to ease traffic into the game following today’s free-to-play launch. As the evening progressed, however, an increase in servers errors was reported, leading Bungie to disable key online services.

Silver purchases were disabled on Steam, for instance, while stats, forums, and third-party applications were brought offline. Although some issues were investigated and resolved, players then began to report issues preventing sign-ins, a problem apparently widespread enough to force Bungie to take both Destiny games offline for “emergency maintenance”.

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