Indivisible Review

October 7, 2019
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You’d figure that an action RPG managing to merge tight 2D platforming, thrilling combat, and a thought-provoking story would be an all but impossible task, yet Indivisible makes it look easy. Developer Lab Zero Games proved it knew its way around a fight stick with the 2012 fighting game Skullgirls, but this is its first foray into the realm of dice rolls and level-ups. The result is one of the most wildly creative RPGs I’ve played this year.

Indivisible is set in a beautiful world where myth and spirituality are as tangible as the ground beneath its people’s feet. Several years before the beginning of the story, a band of heroes banished a fearsome deity named Kala before she could bring about the apocalypse. Ajna, Indivisible’s hot-blooded teen protagonist, grew up in the peaceful years that followed the big bad’s banishment, but that calm is swiftly burnt to a cider when her village is set ablaze by invaders.

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