Apex Legends “Fight or Fright” Halloween event starts next week

October 8, 2019
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As usual, the Apex Legends leaks turned out to be accurate and Respawn has now officially announced the game’s Halloween event – complete with spooky new skins and a dark new look for Kings Canyon.

Fight or Fright runs from 15th October to 5th November and will feature a new game mode called Shadowfall, which will see 34 solo players drop into a nighttime version of the old Kings Canyon map.

This isn’t a typical battle royale mode however. Once a player is killed, they’ll respawn as an undead version of their Legend forming a “Shadow Squad” with the rest of the defeated players. While the Shadow Squad will lose their abilities and won’t be able to use weapons, they’ll gain increased movement speed, a “brutal” melee attack, unlimited respawns and they’ll even be able to scale walls.

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