Destiny 2 players find way to cheese new raid boss, just like poor old Atheon

October 11, 2019
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Destiny 2 players have managed to defeat a boss in Shadowkeep’s Garden of Salvation raid using a cheese reminiscent of the very first raid in Destiny 1.

Veterans of the game might remember the boss battle at the end of The Vault of Glass, in which half the players had to jump in and out of portals to collect relics, while the other half kept timegates open allowing them to escape – then shooting the shit out of Atheon before having to do it again. Veterans of the game who couldn’t be bothered with all that crap might also remember there was a cheese method of killing the big bad, which involved throwing grenades at the poor, simple Vex monster and watching it walk backwards off the map.

Undoubtedly inspired by this method, players have discovered that by throwing a well-placed Hunter’s smoke grenade near one of the bottomless pits in Shaowkeep’s raid, Harpy boss The Consecrated Mind can focus on the grenade while walking (floating?) backwards to its death.

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