Fortnite Chapter 2 leaked trailer points to boats, swimming, pogoing, and more

October 14, 2019
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Fortnite, you might have heard, is down right now, leaving only a gently humming black hole where once the biggest video game in the world could be found. And while players around the globe wait impatiently for developer Epic to relay more official news, there’s a whole lot of juicy new information to be found in a freshly leaked trailer for Fortnite Chapter 2’s Battle Pass.

The trailer, as uncovered by Skin Tracker and spotted by Fortnite News, features exactly 30 seconds of footage, showing off key landmarks from around the game’s brand-new map – including a beach, lighthouse, and power plant – alongside a range of new features being introduced as part of Fortnite’s Chapter 2 overhaul.

Some of these new features are small – there are redesigned weapon chests, for instance – while others are massive, game-changing additions. The biggies include speed boats with enough space for a full squad of players, the ability for teammates to hoist downed allies onto their shoulders and flee a danger zone, swimming, and more. It even appears that players can hide in certain environmental elements like dumpsters.

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