Bungie pulls Telesto from Destiny 2 after players discovered it could charge supers without a single kill

October 20, 2019
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Bungie has been forced to remove the Telesto pulse rifle from Destiny 2 after players discovered an exploit that enabled them to instantly replenish their super ability bar without shooting a single enemy.

As detailed by Destiny YouTuber Ehroar below (thanks, PC Gamer), to fill their super, all players needed to do was fire rounds into the ground and throw a grenade onto them. By laying Telestro’s non-detonating projectiles into the ground and them blowing them up with a grenade (AoE is best), the game – incorrectly, of course – labels those blown-up projectiles as enemy kills and boosts your super bar accordingly.

Add in and stack the Ashes to Assets or Enhanced Ashes to Assets mods/perks and things get even more out of control, as you’ll build up your super even faster.

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