World record Fallout sex speedrunner “tomatoanus” changes name for GDQ

October 21, 2019
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Last year, I wrote one of my favourite articles of all time: a news piece on speedrunner tomatoanus, who’d set a particularly unusual record. He’d managed to set a “sex%” world record in the Fallout series – an unofficial speedrunning category involving having sex in each of the main games as fast as possible. (He’s also done an equally impressive Fallout series world record speedrun).

In any case, that unusual username has become a bit of an issue when trying to register for charity speedrunning event Games Done Quick, with the organisers (understandably) taking issue with the “anus” in his username. I guess it wasn’t wholesome enough for the family-friendly event. Or rather, too holesome.

According to tomatoanus’ statement, GDC had refused to list his name in three of the six previous events in which he had submitted runs. After contacting the organisers, a compromise was reached: tomatoanus could change his name to tomatoangus, and his submissions would be publicly listed.

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