Isometric spin-off Darksiders Genesis coming to PC and Stadia in December

October 22, 2019
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Darksiders Genesis, developer Airship Syndicate’s top-down take on Darksiders’ usual third-person action-adventure formula, will heading to PC and Stadia on 5th December, with a console release scheduled for 14th February next year.

Genesis unfolds prior to the events of the original Darksiders, and marks the debut of Strife – the “gunslinging” fourth horseyperson of the apocalypse – as a playable character in the series. Players can expect a new story, exploring the origins of the Seven Seals, plus ample action as Strife and his brother War tussle their way through the forces of heaven and hell.

In two-player co-op (available online and locally), that means one character per player – with War focussing on sword-based melee attacks and Strife favouring ranged combat – while solo players will need to swap between the horsebros on-the-fly.

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