Fortnite player who accidentally swam off cliff gets in-game tribute

November 1, 2019
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Tombstoning – for those who didn’t spend their late teens drinking cider by a lake – is the act of jumping from a great height into a body of water, while simultaneously maintaining a stiff vertical posture. It’s a pretty dangerous activity in real-life, and apparently in-game too, as one Fortnite player found out at the start of Chapter 2. And Epic has taken the tombstoning quite literally, as a grave to commemorate the incident has appeared in the latest patch.

In a popular video posted on Reddit a few weeks ago, user IFrost-Origins shared their first moments on the new Fortnite map, accidentally diving headfirst off a waterfall and clanging their head on the ground. It’s an easy mistake to make, given the swimming mechanic is new to the game, but a pretty comical way to start your first Fortnite match in Chapter 2 after so much marketing build-up.

The story didn’t end there, however, as a small tribute has appeared in the latest Fortnite patch. As you can see below, some flowers, a tombstone and no-swimming sign have popped up at the site of the incident. “Thanks Epic, very cool!” is what IFrost-Origins had to say about it. Here they are posing with the tombstone in a zombie skin:

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