Dead Cells’ 15th free update adds Corrupted Confinement biome, deadly birds, and more

November 7, 2019
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It’s been well over a year since Motion Twin’s phenomenal platform-action rogue-like Dead Cells bounded into the
world, but the developer still isn’t ready to call it a day. Instead, Dead Cells’ 15th free update is here on PC, introducing a new biome, malevolant birds, and more.

Dead Cells’ latest update, officially known as the Corrupted Update, is, according to Motion Twin, predominantly about balance. To that end, it makes significant changes to biome difficulty so that one path isn’t objectively better than another, and fiddles around with cursed chests and colourless weapons in an attempt to make the latter more relevant.

But while balance might be the focus, there’s still room in the Corrupted Update for more stuff. Chief of the new additions is the Corrupted Confinement biome, accessed via the Toxic Sewers and designed to mirror the Prison Depths. It’s described as a “very short” area with a guaranteed cursed chest at the start, that will ultimately lead players to either the Ancient Sewers or the Ramparts.

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