The Last of Us is a game about lies

November 10, 2019
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There are monsters out there. They lurk in the sewers, they scour the suburbs, they roam the crumbling, collapsing cities. The haunt the historic neighbourhoods of the east. They track through the thickening snow of the frozen west. They’re horrific caricatures of what human beings used to be and they all stare at Ellie with hungry, vacant eyes. Mindless, slavering, they’re motivated only by that most base self-interest: survival.

It’s truly horrible to see what human beings have become. They have turned. They have transformed into predators and even cannibals, amoral animals that prey on the weak. And I’m not sure if your journey is any different.

Somewhere in the background of all this are the Infected, those who succumbed to a mutated version of Cordyceps, the fungus that infects and takes control of insects, manipulating them to spread its spores before turning them into husks out of which new fungi sprout. In an act of magnificent misdirection, The Last of Us leads you to believe that it’s a game all about fighting the Infected, maybe even about defeating them.

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