Explore a Parisian reservoir and Nazi bunker in Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s new free update

November 12, 2019
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Bethesda is giving players more ways to put Nazis in their place today, with the advent of Wolfenstein: Youngblood’s free 1.07 content update, which adds two new locations to the game, new abilities, new end-game activities, and more.

Youngblood’s new areas – a Parisian reservoir and secret Nazi bunker to be precise – can be accessed once players have completed the Da’at Yichud Artifacts end-game side quest. With this out the way, the new Treasure Hunt side mission will unlock, sending players off in search of a Da’at Yichud chest, reported to be hidden away in a secret Nazi hideout.

As noted in Bethesda’s 1.07 release notes, the new Parisian reservoir and Nazi bunker are home to three new enemy types: the Wurmlochsoldat (Teleporting Übersoldier), the Electrodrohne (Tesla Drone), and the Turmhund (Laserhund with a turret).

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