Overwatch short story gives glimpse at Mercy’s life ahead of sequel

November 12, 2019
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Blizzard is drip-feeding fans some more Overwatch lore, releasing a short story giving background on Mercy’s life after the collapse of the original Overwatch taskforce.

Titled ‘Valkyrie’, it’s set in Egypt and seems to follow on from the Old Soldiers comic released a couple of years ago. It’s told from the perspective of Mercy herself (or, Dr. Angela Ziegler), as she recalls her experiences that led her to Overwatch, as well as the experiences that forced her to leave.

Most of the comics, animated shorts and stories we’ve seen so far seem to take place around a similar time, with Mercy mentioning in the new story that Genji had gone looking for his brother – seemingly a reference to the animated short, Dragons.

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