Terminator: Resistance review: a first-person shooter out of time

November 18, 2019
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I played Terminator: Resistance as a slut.

This was not something I expected to be able to do in a Terminator game, and yet here we are in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, struggling to survive the war against the machines, with a right thirst on.

There are dialogue choices to make in this first-person shooter from the people behind the terrible Rambo game of 2014. At one point I was presented with the opportunity to have sex with the woman who leads the resistance faction you’re fighting for. She wanted me to kill someone for her. I wasn’t so sure I fancied doing that, in part because I dreaded the prospect of playing yet another mind-numbing away mission. But, she said she would make it worth my while. Then, a dialogue choice presented itself: press heart to bang (I’m paraphrasing), or walk away? Press heart to bang!

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