There’s a Divinity: Original Sin board game in the works

November 20, 2019
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Larian Studios’ acclaimed RPG Divinity: Original Sin is getting the board game treatment, and the project is doing the old Kickstarter dance right now.

Divinity: Original Sin – The Board Game, as it shall be known, is the work of Lynnvander Studios, a team whose portfolio predominantly features licensed titles including board game adaptation of Cowboy Bebop, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dragon Ball Z, and more.

Lynnvander’s Divinity: Original Sin is described as a branching, narrative adventure for up to four players, “filled with tactical combat and meaningful choices”. It’s set in the world of Rivellon and, despite lacking the number at the end of its title, is specifically based on Divinity: Original Sin 2, albeit with new stories, side quests, skills, items, and monsters.

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