This 55-inch Philips OLED at £989 is the best Black Friday TV deal so far

November 28, 2019
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The best Black Friday OLED deal is for the Philips 55OLED754, the company’s entry-level OLED model. The 754 OLED was released earlier this year for £1499, and since then it has gradually dropped to £1099. For Black Friday, it’s breached the £1000 barrier, and now costs £989 at both Amazon and AO. It’s rare to see a current-gen OLED for just three figures, especially one so fully-featured as the Philips 754.

So why is this 4K HDR TV worth buying? Most importantly, it’s because it uses the same OLED panel as the LG B9 which costs £100 more. That means gorgeous colour reproduction, especially in HDR, plus nearly infinite contrast thanks to the perfect blacks possible with OLED tech. The 55OLED754 is also a good choice for gaming, with reasonable input lag (30ms), nearly instantaneous pixel response times and superb motion handling.

The Philips TV supports for the full range of HDR standards – HDR10+, HLG and Dolby Vision – so you’ll be able to watch HDR content from almost any provider. Reasonably powerful 40W speakers with Dolby Atmos support are also included, so you’re covered on the audio front too. The remote control even includes Amazon Alexa support, so you can ask your TV to play your favourite show without lifting a finger.

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