Sony pulls its own PlayStation 4 promo video accused of ripping animations

December 4, 2019
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As the second instalment of its kind, the PlayStation 4 Lineup Music Video Winter Mix was supposed to showcase Sony’s extensive game catalogue while accompanied by beautiful music and creative animations. It appears to have failed the creativity part, however, as it’s been accused of ripping multiple animations from the work of other artists – including students.

Initially uploaded on 29th November by PlayStation Japan, the video has been made private by Sony following several accusations of art theft (although a re-upload can be viewed here). One of the first animators to spot the problem was Russian animator Oleg Kositsyn, who replied to PlayStation Japan’s tweet with a copy of his work. Other animators started to identify further rips, and it now seems like the bulk of PlayStation’s video is comprised of suspect animations.

Catsuka, a French animation website, has since created a round-up comparison video to display the scale of the theft: which includes rips from Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe: The Movie, anime FLCL, and animation collective Souviens Ten-Zan. And, in the replies to the comparison video, yet more rips have been posted.

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