La-Mulana 1 and 2 two-game bundle gets March release date on consoles

December 12, 2019
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Acclaimed, if notoriously impenetrable, exploratory platformers La-Mulana 1 and 2 finally have a release date on consoles; they’ll be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and Switch in March next year.

Both titles – or, more specifically, developer Nigoro’s 16-bit-inspired makeover of its 2005 Japan-only original, plus its 2018’s sequel – will come to consoles as a two-game bundle, with release dates wavering slightly depending on territory. The North American launch comes first on 17th March, followed by Europe on 20th March and Oceania on 27th March.

If you’re unfamiliar with the La-Mulana series, the first game casts players as Lemeza Kosugi, an Indiana-Jones-esque professor of archaeology and whip-wielding adventurer, as he attempts to uncover the secrets hidden within the mysterious, trap-laden ruins of La-Mulana.

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