Games of the Year 2019: Control is the best game about destroying office supplies

December 27, 2019
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Over the festive break we’ll be running through our top 20 picks of the year’s best games, leading up to the reveal of Eurogamer’s game of the year on New Year’s Eve. You can find all the pieces published to date here – and thanks for joining us throughout the year!

Control is a great game, because you can use your psychic powers to pick up an office chair, carry it to the nearest bathroom and launch it into a toilet. You can then pick up that broken toilet and smash it into another toilet, slowly becoming lost in a world of bathroom destruction, until you’re surrounded by rubble. Sadly your well crafted demolition never lasts that long, as the Oldest House will always rebuild its bathrooms. I like to imagine, however, that a Bureau employee will visit the bathroom just before it resets and be horrified to learn that the end of the world can be so much worse.

This path of destruction doesn’t have to be confined to the office bathrooms either. The Federal Bureau of Control is full of fire extinguishers, tables, benches, large pieces of piping and forklifts, to name a few, which you can lift into the air and cause some damage with. If you can see it in Control, then there’s a large chance that you can supernaturally throw it at someone’s face.

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