Yet another cut Bloodborne boss has been unearthed and restored by modders

January 13, 2020
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It’s been almost half a decade since From Software’s masterful Bloodborne was released unto the world, but dedicated code sleuths are still unearthing tantalising glimpses of content cut from the final release of the game – this time in the form of yet another axed boss fight.

To date, Bloodborne players have restored everything from an option to murder a still-alive Maria in the clocktower to evidence that, at one point, Annalise the Queen of the Vilebloods was to have had a familial connection to Maria and The Doll. A number of excised boss battles have also been re-implemented, including one based on Master Willem, a gargantuan snake ball, and now a boss variant of the Loran Cleric from the Loran Chalice Dungeon.

The Loran Cleric boss is, from a visual perspective at least, almost identical to its standard counterpart, dressed in robes with twisted horns jutting from beneath its hood. However, while the basic variant is a bit of a pro with the fireballs, the newly discovered boss, intended to be encountered at the end of the Loran Chalice Dungeon, ramps up the fire attacks considerably.

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