The Dreams campaign is stylish but… is that it?

February 12, 2020
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This is not a review. I want to spend more with Dreams as a whole before I think about that. These are impressions of the story campaign.

There’s a message at the beginning of Dreams’ story campaign that made my heart sink. I’d been waiting for this campaign. I hoped it would prove what Dreams as a package would be. I knew there was a powerful editor because people have been playing with it in early access for months. But what about the other bit? What about what Media Molecule can do with the tools? What about the game?

Finally, yesterday, it – Art’s Dream – arrived. Time to see what Dreams was really capable of. Then, though, that message: “This story was made entirely in Dreams to give just a glimpse of what’s possible with our tools.” Just a glimpse? It’s been how many years and that’s all we get? A couple of hours and that’s it? Sadly, yes.

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