The Double-A Team: LocoRoco is a bright and breezy charmer

February 28, 2020
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The Double-A Team is a feature series honouring the unpretentious, mid-budget, gimmicky commercial action games that no-one seems to make any more.

You can catch up with all of our Double-A Team pieces in our handy, spangly archive.

I took the bus into town to buy LocoRoco when it first came out for the PSP, back in – crikey! – 2006. I remember this because I took the bus home, too. And I remember that because halfway through the trip, a grey day with low clouds and the promise of rain, I briefly pulled the LocoRoco box out of the bag to take a look at it – and it was like the sun had risen, all of a sudden, on the top deck of a 46 to deepest Hove.

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