Get the 55-inch LG B9 OLED for £924 – the lowest price we’ve ever seen

June 3, 2020
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The best value OLED on the market is LG’s B9, and today the 55-inch model has hit its lowest ever price: £924 on Ebay with code PICK20OFF. That’s an incredible price for a great 4K TV, whether you’re watching films or gaming, especially given that it includes a five year warranty.

We love the B9 because it’s built around the same great panel as this year’s BX and CX OLEDs, but it costs hundreds of pounds less. That value makes it our recommendation for the best 4K TV for HDR gaming, alongside its bigger brother the C9.

So what makes OLED panels so good? Typically owners point to the gorgeous colour reproduction, excellent contrast and extremely low pixel response times. This particular model also outdoes its predecessors with extremely low input lag (~13ms at 60Hz, ~6ms at 120Hz). The B9 also supports HDMI Variable Refresh Rate and G-Sync, which eliminates judder and screen tearing on Xbox One consoles or PCs with Nvidia graphics cards. All four of its ports meet the HDMI 2.1 standard too, so you’re set for next-gen 4K 120Hz gaming on the Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or PCs with future AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. All of these factors make the B9 an excellent choice for gaming.

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