Acclaimed VR rhythm shooter Pistol Whip is heading to PSVR next month

June 16, 2020
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Developer Cloudhead Games’ critically acclaimed rhythm FPS is finally making the jump from PC to PlayStation 4, and will be available on PSVR on 28th July.

Pistol Whip released at the tail-end of last year on PC and immediately drew praise for its mesmerising, music-driven first-person shooter action – a breathlessly balletic, high-intensity mix of dodging, ducking, blasting, and high-score combo chasing, with the end result doing for virtual guns what Beat Saber did for twirling neon sticks around like a caffeinated majorette.

Eurogamer’s Ian Higton was utterly entranced by Pistol Whip when he donned helmet and took it for a play-test last November – likening the experience to being John Wick “kicking ass in the Matrix” – and Cloudhead Games has continued to expand on that compelling core since release, adding five new stages across multiple updates, new customisation options, and more.

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