Bloodborne’s cut Great One Beast boss is now playable again thanks to new mod

September 18, 2020
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Tireless Bloodborne fans have been successfully uncovering cut content, an absolute mountain of it in fact, squirrelled away inside From Softwares’s code since the game’s launch back in 2015; and now one of these initially excised treats – the fearsome Great One Beast boss – has been made playable in a new mod.

The Great One Beast is a cut boss first uncovered by Bloodborne sleuths Sanadsk and Zullie back in 2018. The pair’s initial probing uncovered the creature – a towering behemoth of red eyes and undulating fur, with a deadly aura – as only a partially implemented model.

Once restored through coding and save-editing wizardry, however, the Great One Beast – seemingly related to the Nightmare’s Silverbeasts and their Loran Silverbeast boss variant, based on its filename – was able to roam its cylindrical Chalice Dungeon abode, taking a few angry swipes at the player character but not, admittedly, a whole lot more.

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