Wander round space stations and settlements in Elite Dangerous’ latest Odyssey dev video

September 29, 2020
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Come the arrival of Elite Dangerous’ major Odyssey expansion early next year, Commanders suffering from a severe case of butt-clench will finally be able to clamber out their cockpits and step foot on solid ground; planets we already knew about, but now Frontier has offered a more thorough look at the interstellar japes awaiting players as they first-person their way around social hubs such as space stations and settlements in its latest developer video.

Players wanting to stretch their legs somewhere a little more lively than the relatively barren wastes of Elite Dangerous’ new explorable planets can disembark at the likes of outposts, planetports, spaceports, even dustbowl-like settlements back on terra firms, in order to find work, undertake missions, or simply do a bit of socialising with NPCs.

Odyssey will, of course, mark the first time Elite has had fully modelled and animated NPCS in-game (they’ll be generated based on Elite’s background simulation to reflect the dominant faction in a particular area), and they’ll be able to move around, adding a bit of personality the world, and giving players the opportunity to speak and interact with them.

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