2K under fire for adding unskippable in-game ads to the full-price NBA 2K21 a month after release

October 19, 2020
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2K has come under fire from NBA 2K21 players for adding unskippable in-game adverts.

As reported by Stevivor, 2K recently added unskippable adverts into the full-price basketball sim’s pre-game loading screens across all platforms.

The video below from Stevivor shows an advert for Oculus Quest 2 attached to a pre-game video called MyTeam Season 2, Episode 7. The advert runs as the match is loading (you can see the loading progress in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen). It’s worth noting you cannot edit your team lineup until the advert has run its course. According to Stevivor, the experience is the same on PC, even when running from an SSD.

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