Check out Mass Effect Legendary Edition’s visual changes in new before-and-after trailer

April 13, 2021
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Just a week ago, BioWare was waggling its seductive wares at Mass Effect fans by breaking down the various tweaks and enhancements included in its upcoming Legendary Edition remasters. Things are getting a bit more specific this time around, however, with the developer now taking time to highlight the visual improvements purchasers can expect when the trilogy hits Xbox, PlayStation, and PC on 14th May.

“Our goal from the onset,” BioWare explains, “was to improve and enhance the visuals while staying true to the original aesthetics of the trilogy that have become so iconic and genre-defining over the past decade. A remaster rather than remake allowed us to build upon the original assets in a way that resembles the polishing phase in a normal development cycle, while also being able to utilise the advantages of much more modern hardware and software.”

BioWare’s blog post then offers a detailed breakdown of the three-pronged process the developer undertook when assessing and, eventually, implementing its art adjustments for the Legendary Edition. The highlights, however, include the fact the studio ultimately made the decision to improve every single texture in the Mass Effect trilogy in order to make the most of newly supported 4K resolutions – meaning “well over thirty thousand individual textures” were massaged into the modern era.

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