Let’s Build a Zoo is a cute zoo tycoon where you can splice up animals into silly new species

April 27, 2021
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Step back Planet Zoo, pipe down Zoo Tycoon; finally someone’s made a game for those budding zoologist that love animals so very much they just wanted to smush them all together – until more, weirder animals pop out the other side. It’s called Let’s Build a Zoo and it’s coming to PC, Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation this summer.

Let’s Build a Zoo is the work of developer Springloaded Games and, on the face of it, looks to deliver pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a zoo tycoon game. It’s a management sim that let’s you create your own animal empire – a task requiring players to import and breed animals (from a choice of over 500), hire staff to maintain the place, and attract guests to keep the money rolling in.

It promises various visitor-pleasing shops and amenities, “hundreds” of scenery items (including foliage, paths, and enclosure decorations), plus “weird and wonderful” life events to contend with. There’s even the option to keep things above board or engaging in more nefarious pursuits, pocketing the extra cash along the way.

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