Ranked Apex Legends player gets stuck in death loop after teammates betray them to farm kills

April 28, 2021
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We’ve seen some pretty high-profile cases of cheating in ranked Apex Legends recently – the ongoing problems with DDoS attacks being just one example – but today a spectacularly cruel example of teaming has popped up on the Apex Legends subreddit. One poor soul was betrayed by their squadmates and used by another team to farm kills: effectively trapping them in an endless death loop.

Reddit user “MohSSEEZZ” posted a clip of a diamond ranked game in which their random squadmates stood by and allowed them to be brutally murdered by another team. At this point MohSSEZZ’s teammates collected their banner, respawned them, and allowed them to be murdered by the other team once again.

MohSSEZZ said they were killed and respawned three times before eventually deciding to leave the ranked game. The reason why this is particularly bad is that Apex Legends penalises you for leaving a ranked game early, so MohSSEZZ had to choose between an infinite death loop or taking an abandonment penalty. It seems they eventually decided on the latter, and MohSSEEZZ said they “got a ban for leaving the game [because] I didn’t wanna give them more points”.

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