Digital Extremes on Warframe’s “Infinity War” moment as its biggest story expansion yet approaches

December 7, 2021
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The New War is an end of sorts; not a definitive end – Warframe’s continuing status as an enormously successful free-to-play live service shooter does rather dictate that – but an end to a chapter that’s been almost eight years in the making.

The New War, for the uninitiated, is a three-act slab of strictly single-player, heavily cinematic sci-fi adventure telling the story of a massive Sentient invasion from the perspectives of multiple playable characters – including a Grineer Lancer called Kahl-175, Corpus engineer Veso, and Conclave Master Teshin. It’s also a culmination of – and, in many ways, a celebration of – every major narrative arc and mechanical addition Digital Extremes has brought to the game thus far, laying the groundwork for new adventures to come.

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